Over the last few years, I have come across several christians who express strong support for the state of Israel and its jewish population. I find it strange that such an alliance exists between two religious factions that are at serious odds with each other, on a theological basis.(1)

On one hand, we have the christians who find fault with the jews who reject the messiah. And on the other we have the jews who find blasphemous the christian ideas that God is a trinity and that Jesus is the messiah and in some cases, God himself. (This stands regardless of how you individually interpret scripture to “solve” this.)

Ironically, despite the serious theological incompatibility between the two factions, christians seem to feel they must remain allied to the jews and the jewish state on strictly theological grounds. i.e- through an understanding of scriptures such as “jews are chosen”(2)

It is indeed astonishing how christians, who label everything that is not christian as “satanic” or “evil” etc, openly express support for a religious faction that outright rejects/insults Jesus, the central figure of christian theology and opposes every doctrines central to christian theology. 

It appears to me that christians only NEED “Israel” to exist in the 21st century only because it would mean they are closer to biblical prophecy coming true… with all its wars and plagues, finally culminating in them (christians) finally being “saved”. In other words, christians seem to find the existence of the Israeli state as a needed stepping stone, or a pawn for eschatolagical events to come to pass.
No Israeli state = no apocalypse

The modern(3) christian support for the stat of Israel / jews is not because of any special love for the jewish people, that is NOT grounded in theology / eschatology.

Points up for discussion…

1. How do you, as a christian, find it ok to support a religious faction that outright rejects Jesus, the central figure of christianity?
2. On what non-theological basis would you say you support Israel / the jewish people?
3. Do you feel that the state of Israel and the jews would become useless in the prophetic scheme of things once Jesus returns ?
4. As a supporter of Israel and the jews, how do you feel about them adamantly rejecting Jesus?

As before, I would appreciate it if posters do not simply post scripture/their interpretation of it to explain away the issues raised. Open discussion is welcome, so long as scripture quotes do not outweigh objectivity.
Please stick to the points highlighted for discussion and let this not disintegrate into another thread discussing middle eastern politics with no relevance to OPs subject matter. Thank you.

(1) I am in no way trying to generalize. I have come across exceptional instances where christians do not blindly, support jews because of a misiniterpretation of scripture.
(2). This is an oft repeated li(n)e that I hear. The bible teaches that only “Israel”, the genetically connected tribes are chosen. The bible makes no mention of the “religion” that these chosen people are supposed to follow. Whatever it was, it definitely was NOT judaism, as the term “judaism” came from the name of a great grandson of the patriarch Abraham.
(3). I use the word “modern” because only a few centuries ago, christians were not exactly friendly and caring towards the jews.