Considering how the anti-christ appears before the true christ…and decieves people into thinking that he is the true christ….
Is the modern state of Israel a false Israel that has appeared ahead of the real Israel and is currently decieving people into thinking that it is the real Israel, as prophecized in the bible? 

Also considering how the false christ will be defeated militarily by the returning true Christ…
Will this false Israel also be defeated militarily and rebuilt as a righteous nation…by an act of God, through God fearing men… as opposed to godless politicians using their power who established the modern Israel.

Besides these parallels, I think that this false Israel is a pre-cursor to the anti-christ and will be used by the anti-christ, in some way…perhaps as an operating base or capital.

Bear in mind that the modern state of Israel has been established by powerful men, at the cost of many lives. Despite the support it recieves from Christians, Israel joins the ranks of the most oppressive regimes in modern history. Israel has no fear of God and has no more use for His laws and is reliant on its state-of-the-art military, western support and upper hand in global politics. Its friends are “christian America”, which itself is a powerful warmachine and dominates global politics.

Furthermore, the popular christian ideas of Israel being on Gods side during the end times is a definite sign to me, at least, that the end-times deception has already begun.