While its fairly common knowledge that the Mahdi is described as having an “Israelite body”… there are some other very fascinating but hardly known facts concerning Israelites in Islamic eschatology.

I came across this a few years ago… that the Israelites would play a crucial role in fulfilling prophecy even in Islamic perspective.
I bet most christians do not know that the bani israel (children of Israel) would form the majority of the mahdis army.
Of course, them being Israelites has no bearing on the fact that they would be devout muslims, because Islam holds “religion” higher than “ethnicity”.

Some of the signs of the Mahdis army are that they will….
-be Israelites and NOT arabs (In fact, the Arabs would be hostile to these Israelite Muslims.)
-be from a place with cold climate (Arab lands are generally hot)
-live in poverty and hardship
-have a reputation for being fierce warriors

So considering that there are Israelites who are muslims, one can explore eschatology from an new perspective. All that is required is an open mind.

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