Jesus is a key figure among the 3 Abrahamic religions -seen as “messiah” in Christianity and Islam, and rejected as a “false prophet” in Judaism.

The religion of the Jews goes one step further in its vehement opposition of Jesus, and also in its slandering of him as a “false prophet” and as an “illegitimate” offspring. Given all of this, its indeed ironic how the Jewish state, being literally the most anti-christian entity in modern times, receives the most support from those “followers of Christ” – the Christians.

While it can be argued that its ‘normal’ for one religion to disregard the central figure of another religion, what is indeed bizarre is one religious group(christians) openly supporting the very religious group(jews) that opposes and insults their central religious figure. Reason being, the Christians have a certain interpretation of prophecy that allows them to rationalize the jewish opposition to Jesus as being part of some “prophecy” or a “plan of God”.

Christian attempts at interpreting the vague prophecies always operate under assumptions that are in favor of the state of Israel and Jews.
i.e – That Israel has to be victorious, That anti-christian jews will miraculously accept Jesus and so on. In reality, a lot of prophecy predicts future political scenarios and events.

Going back now to those who reject the Christ…
Since the jews still await the Messiah, they will end up welcoming as “messiah” someone who wins political/military victories on behalf of Israel…. (something like how the Israelite Jews in the past called a certain Persian king “messiah”.) So there is a good chance that the very anti-christ might be declared “messiah” by the jews!!

My guess is this : The anti-christ might be a powerful Israeli politician or a military leader who will ruthlessly annihilate the percieved enemies of Israel… the muslims and win the following of Jews.

If my guess is correct, he will NOT target the countries that are allied to him, i.e – The countries of the West who support him. Instead, he will go after the countries following a religion that is most demonized today… the religion that has the reputation of being most directly opposed to the state of Israel…Islam.