I just happened upon this interesting piece of jewish text earlier today.

When he saw the kingdom of Ishmael that was coming, he began to say: ‘Was it not enough, what the wicked kingdom of Edom did to us, but we must have the kingdom of Ishmael too?’ At once, Metatron the prince of the (divine) countenance answered and said, Do not fear, son of man, for the Holy One only brings the kingdom of Ishmael in order to save you from this wickedness. 
He raises up over them a Prophet according to his will and will conquer the land for them and they will come and restore it in greatness, and there will be great terror between them and the sons of Esau.’….when he, the rider on the camel, goes forth the kingdom will arise through the rider on an ass…”
– Beit HaMidrash 3:78 

It is clear that Mohammad, the ONLY Ishmaelite prophet, was the one who was “raised up over them”(Ishmaelites)… and “conquered the land for them”.

If there is someone here who is well versed in Jewish texts, it would be great if he/she can expand upon this… and provide a context. I’m curious to know, as I admit I do not know much about Jewish religious texts, except for whats in the christian bibles.