A large portion of christianity’s teachings seems to focus on sin.
It teaches that all people are born in sin, and that God who hates sin, will condemn everyone unless they accept that an innocent man was killed, to pay for everybodys sin.

However, those were not the teachings of Jesus. He never went on and on about sin. While he condemned the religious hypocrites and insisted that his people maintain a high moral standard, he did not make the shortcomings of man the focus of his ministry. Instead,Jesus taught about the Kingdom of Heaven. He discoursed about everyday living… how we ought to deal with situations and people. He taught people to stay focussed on God and not get too invovled in worldly matters.

This ocean of difference between the teachings of Jesus and that of the Christianity leads me to conclude that Christianity has little to do with Jesus and his teachings, but is rather, a web of sinrelated doctrines and ideas, constructed by man. With sin as its primary focus, Christianity’s only use for Jesus is that of a sacrificial animal so they can lose their burden of sin

Now, I am not underplaying sin or trying to sweep it under the carpet.
Yes, sin exists and we need to be mindful of our actions, lest we walk into sin. But that does not mean we focus on sin to the point that we forget to live as humans. One should not discount the value of good deeds and charity due to misreading a certain verse that says righteousness is like filthy rags.

The bible comments on sin for what it is- that people are naturally inclined towards sin and that they make room for it in their minds and have the potential to act on it. It also teaches that its possible to overcome sin through true repentance and inner transformation and asking for forgiveness from God.