Christians believe that accepting Jesus died for mankinds sins automatically redeems one of their sins…they also believe that one who does not accept that Jesus died for his sins, still remains under the burden of his sins and will end up in hell.

So, the christian program for being saved can be summarized as

{Does person accept Jesus died for his sins?}
If “YES” = saved
If “NO” = condemned

Going by this, technically, a man can plan to live a life of sin and later accept Jesus died for his sins. This way he can lie, steal, fornicate, commit adultery, wrongfully amass wealth, ruin lives, etc….and then, plan to sincerely accept Jesus died for his sins and be saved from the punishment of hellfire.

Even after this, if he commits another murder, or another act of adultery or another theft…all he has to do is accept that he is a sinner and that Jesus died for his sins. Going by the christian salvation plan, this evil man has been given the license to sin over and over again and still be granted a get-out-of-hell ticket….by simply accepting that Jesus died for his sins.

Basically, he can sin all he wants and send the bills to Jesus. There’s no catch, right?

This belief system with regard to accepting Jesus’ death for being redeemed is severely flawed…because it not only makes a scapegoat out of Jesus, but also contradicts several teachings in the bible.

-That God makes a distinction between good and evil people.
-That forgiveness comes to a person who sincerely repents and seeks forgiveness, from God directly.
-That a person cannot die for the sins of another…. let alone God becoming that man to die for the sins of all mankind.
(to name just a few)

Such a belief system is mechanical and robotic, and turns God into a computer program that coldly responds to a mans personal “YES” or “NO” choice. Christianity places the key to “salvation” on the sinner simply making that YES/NO choice.
It does away the need for one to repent or contemplate their sinful actions.
It denies the truth that God knows the heart and mind of a person and saves them basis His understanding of the person, regardless his belief system.