Regardless of what people think of Mohammad and Islam, its undisputable that Mohammad utterly changed the face of Arabia. He put an end to the culture of idolatry, polytheism and paganism that prevailed in Arabia…. and established a monotheistic religion that directs all worship to the One true God and recognizes and honors the biblical prophets and Jesus.

This is a feat that the jews and the christians could not acheive, despite having had a head start for centuries in the middle east. Instead, Arabia was cleansed of its polytheism and idolatry through Mohammad, an Ishmaelite. Considering the long lasting impact he made, Mohammad was clearly destined for great things.

I expect to see the usual posts questioning Mohammads prophethood and denying that Allah is the God of Abraham…. but I also have a few questions to christians…

1. If you believe Mohammad was a false prophet, then why did God allow for Islam to prevail in the middle east?

2. If christianity is the true path, then why didn’t God allow for christianity to prevail in the middle east, instead of having Mohammad show up and spread Islam, which you see as a false religion.

3. If you believe muslims will never be saved unless they accept christianity, then doesn’t it mean that God made it difficult for muslims to be saved? Because as you know, muslims are rather strict about religion and will not simply “accept Jesus as lord” just because they read it in a tract. So, why did God put muslims in a difficult situaton?

My take is that Mohammad was a true prophet and Islam is a valid Abrahamic religion.
God did not allow for Islam to be established only to send muslims to hell, for the crime of not being christians. Instead Mohammad was chosen to cleanse Arabia of its idolatry and polytheism… and enforce the very first commandment that was given to the Israelites. He truly was an agent of God.

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