…and how to be a christian by simply following Jesus and ignore christian doctrine.

Jesus is unique as the only biblical character who taught in parables.
He used a unique way to explain higher things in simple terms the audience could relate to.
Jesus narrated over 40 parables, with many of them pertaining to the kingdom of heaven. The beauty of the parables is that they likened the “kingdom of heaven” to simple everyday things that made it easy for people to understand.

I’ve noticed that these parables, i.e- Jesus’ teachings of the “kingdom of heaven” are rarely mentioned or referred to by christians…. who otherwise, insist that Jesus is the main focus of the entire bible. Most christians (at least the ones I keep meeting) seem to be fixated on various doctrines and concepts… and completely ignore the parables, the very teachings of Jesus.

Besides being the messiah, Jesus also played the role of a teacher. But modern christianity has reduced Jesus to a mere sacrificial animal. Instead of going by what he said, they adhere to doctrines built around him. I feel its important for christians to go by his words, and pay special attention to the parables. The parables teach higher spiritual matters, and have nothing to do with christian doctrines… yet the parables are the part of the bible that seems to be ignored the most.

If Jesus is the central focus of christianity, and if the parables he spoke are kinda important…. then I believe I can study the parables and follow the words of Jesus and call myself a christian.
I don’t need to believe the doctrines that christians believe.