(If I say something that is right, then God has inspired me. If I say something that is wrong, then it is my own mistake.)

The genealogy of Jesus in Luke 3 ends with Adam being called the “son of God”.

Christians understand that the term “son of God” in Adams case does not mean a “son” in the literal sense… but rather implies that Adam was a direct creation of God. The term “son of God” does not mean that Adam was in any way divine.

However, when the same term “son of God” is applied to Jesus, it is done so in a manner that suggests Jesus was divine. Jesus’ birth was special in the sense he did not have a human father, but rather, was created directly in the womb of Mary… where he grew for 9 months and was born covered in blood like any other ordinary human.

Jesus and Adam are both unique human beings being direct creations of God. Both are called “the son of God” in the bible. Yet, Jesus is considered to be divine… whereas Adam is not. 

One of the most important verses to consider when discussing the nature of Jesus are the ones about the angel who Mary encountered. Jesus’ story begins with Mary, a human finding favor with God. When the angel spoke to her, he never said anything about her son being divine… let alone the son being part of a trinity or God himself as many Christians believe about Jesus. The angel did say he would be called “the son of God”, but obviously in the same way as Adam… i.e – Not divine.

The fact that Adam is also called “son of God” nullifies the claim about Jesus being Gods “only begotten son” in John 3:16. The term “son of God” simply means a special creation of God. And nothing more.

Humans are not divine… and divinity is not born of humans. If Jesus is God, then it means Mary is the mother of God. And if Adam is not divine though he was created by God, then Jesus cant be divine because he was born of a human. 


The similitude of Jesus before God is that of Adam; he created him from dust, then said to him: ‘be’: and he was. -3:59