(If I say something that is right, then God has inspired me. If I say something that is wrong, then it is my own mistake.)

Many Christians interpret the bible to conclude that Jesus is God.
So now, how does seeing Jesus as God affect the way Christians perceive Mary, the woman who gave birth to Jesus?

1. Going by basic logic, if Jesus is God, then Mary being the one who gave birth to Jesus automatically becomes the “mother of God”…regardless of whether or not Christians acknowledge it.

2. One thing Christians do to avoid having to call Mary the “mother of God” is is by claiming that “Jesus is fully man and fully God” . But, that in no way resolves their dilemma. It only makes Mary the “mother of this fully man and fully God”. One can twist scriptures all they want to derive what they want to hear… but in the case of Jesus and Mary, it is basic common sense… that whatever Jesus is, Mary would be the mother of that.

3. Another thing Christians do to wriggle out of the “Mary- Mother of God” dilemma is claim that Jesus pre-existed Mary… to justify how Mary need not be called the “mother of God”. But it still remains that Jesus, who they see as God… was born of a woman. In other words…Jesus (God) was born and raised by one of his own creations.

My whole point is… Jesus cant be called “God”, without Mary being called the “mother of god”.
Those who say “Jesus is God” indirectly say “Mary is the mother of god”.