Its a rather well known fact that Christian fundamentalists have made and continue to make utterly ridiculous claims about Islam being centered around the worship of some Arabian ‘moon god’.

Their claim that Allah is a moon god is based on drawing imaginary connections between Islamic symbols and pre-Islamic relics. These ridiculous ideas have always been propagated by  fraudsters and charlatans posing as experts on ancient history. These lies are then parroted by Christian internet archaeologists on forums and discussion boards everywhere.(Also, be sure to read the link to know where this moon god nonsense originated from)

The method fundamentalists use in their smear campaign against Islam is rather childlike. What they do is point out superficial similarities between the crescent moon seen on mosques/flags and the ones found on relics dug up in the middle east, and then conclude that both have their origins from the same source…therefore “Allah is a moon god”.

What these fundamentalists conveniently leave out is the fact that the crescent moon has been used as a symbols by various cultures outside of the middle east which had nothing to do with Islam. Perhaps they do this on purpose or are simply ignorant of the crescent moon symbol having been used outside of the middle east. Either way, I’ll give them the benefit of doubt.

Now lets have a look at some examples of the crescent moon used in cultures that were NOT Islamic.

I’ll start with these JEWISH examples of crescent moon usage.

Crescent and six pointed Star from the seal of the Jewish Community of Regensburg, Germany, Middle ages.

Crescent seen on Jewish tombstone in a cemetery in Austria.

Crescent + star seen on some some medallion, apparently Jewish in origin. (Notice 6 pointed stars)

The crescent moon also appeared on Roman and Byzantine currency….

And a few others…


Coin of Juba II of Numidia

So what now, is this evidence that they all had links to the moon god, with whom the crescent+star is associated with?

Furthermore, the Crescent moon and star appears on several European coats of arms and flags…

Flag of Louny (Czech republic)

Coat of arms of Louny (Czech republic)

Coat of Arms of Croatia

Coat of Arms of Portsmouth

Coat of Arms of Olmstead

Coat of Arms of Tarnowski family (Polish nobility)

Coat of Arms of Bosnia (old)

Coat of Arms belonging to some Irish family

Coat of Arms of Illyria (Albania)

Emblem of Kotromanic dynasty (Kosovo)

Are they all moon god worshippers? Or did they develop these crescent moon designs independently with no connection whatsoever to the so called moon god?

Next, we also see that the crescent+star was used on shields of ancient Greeks

Depicted on a vase (Museum of Berlin)


Evidence that they worshipped the moon god?

….we also see it on some Roman art

Evidence that they worshipped the moon god?

Now lets move eastwards….

The crescent moon is a symbol associated with Shiva

Chandra the Hindu moon god

Crescent moon on Sikh ceremonial emblem

Some Chinese moon goddess

So, do all these crescents have something to do with the crescent of the Arabian moon god?


Apparently, all these fundamentalists seem to be incapable of comprehending the simple fact that different cultures can come up with and use the same symbol, especially when its based off the sun, moon and stars…. you know, those bright shiny things in the sky seen by every human who has ever lived on the planet.

The supposed “proofs” of the Arabian pre-Islamic moon god presented by Christian fundamentalists, are no different from the examples of the crescent moon and star shown in this thread. i.e somebody decided to make a symbol out of the moon. Just because various cultures symbolize the moon for whatever purpose, does not mean they are all connected. So there is no reason to connect Islam with cultures that have used the symbol of the crescent.

My only point is that the crescent moon on Islamic mosques and flags is nothing more than a logo, a symbol of identification, popularized through the centuries. This same crescent moon symbol has been used by several unrelated cultures outside of the middle east. If Christians see no connection between these crescents and the ones seen on the so called Arabian moon god, then there really is no good reason to connect Islam to the so called moon god, which is basically a fabrication of deceitful Christian fundamentalists.

No more ignorance.