Can a country be born in a day or a nation be brought forth in a moment?
– Isaiah 66:8

Its a well known fact that most Christians believe that the establishment of the state of Israel is a fulfillment of prophecy. For many Christians, its a major milestone crossed… a sign that they are closer to the end times. In other words, christians see the existence of the Israeli state as a needed stepping stone, or a pawn for eschatolagical events to come to pass. In other words, no Israeli state = no apocalypse.

(For anybody who wants to read more about the prophetic value Christians see in the state of Israel, please see my thread here.)

Most Christians seem to be convinced that the modern state of Israel is on the side of “good”, and that Israel will emerge victorious in every conflict because they believe God ensures them victory. As examples, they will cite Israels victories in the wars of 1949, 1967 and 1973, where they single handedly defeated many Arab states. This blind admiration of Israels military prowess seems to have become ingrained into Christian belief, so much so that there is more cheering of Israel than putting into practice Jesus’ message of “Love your neighbour” and “Love your enemies”.

I wont even bring up Christianity’s lack of concern over Israels mistreatment of the Palestinians because I know its not worth it. At best, Christians believe anything Israel does is the will of God, and is a necessary step for the fulfillment of prophecy. At worst, they believe the Palestinians are terrorist scum worthy of annihilation, at the hands of Israeli army and at the hands of God.

Looking beyond the Christians romantic associations with the state of Israel, What is the state of Israel, really? Well, for starters, modern Israel is the product of godless politics and politicians NOT that of prophets and saints. Israel is a state where 30% of its population are secular / atheists, NOT a land where people uphold God and religion. Another astonishing fact is that Israel, the “holy land”, is also a hotbed of gay tourism where gay parades are held in the streets. Some food for thought for Christians who vocally oppose homosexuality in their own countries.

Israel has no use for the laws of God, instead it relies on its military might and the support it receives from the west. Amazingly, despite all the support Israel receives from Christians…and despite the existence of all those Jewish-Christian associations… Israel is NO friend of Christianity. It is a state that has, in the past, broadcast material mocking the very central figure of Christianity – Jesus and has laws in place to counter the preaching of Christianity.

So, do Christians believe this godless, secular, homosexual tolerating, anti-Christian state is what Israel was prophesied to be restored as? Just where in the bible does it prophesy that Israel would be restored as a godless secular state, where homosexuals parade in the streets and the the messiah is mocked and insulted? 

I know most Christians will still special plead for Israel. In their perception, modern Israel is only in a ‘temporary’ state of sin, after which it will be redeemed. They are utterly convinced that this vile nation will, in the nick of time, make a 180 degree turn, repent and accept Jesus as savior and be saved from destruction. They also believe that Israel would emerge victorious at Armageddon, while everybody else would be annihilated and left in the open to rot and be eaten by birds.

God knows best.