It seems everything people know of about Jesus is from the Bible. People forget that Jesus is also a part of Islam and not much is known about Jesus in Islamic tradition. In this thread, I will be posting some stories and sayings of Jesus in Islamic tradition for Christians and Muslims to read and reflect.

There are more of his sayings on these sites, but I’m just posting a few here.
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Iblis (Satan) came to Jesus then he said: ‘Do you not claim that you can revive the dead?’ Jesus said: ‘Yes.’ Iblis said: ‘Then throw yourself down from the top of the wall.’ Then Jesus said: ‘Woe unto you! Verily the servant does not try his Lord.’ And Iblis said: ‘O Jesus! Can your Lord put the earth in an egg while the egg remains in its form?’ Then he said: ‘Verily impotence is not attributed to Allah, the Supreme, but what you said cannot be.’

Jesus (‘a) said: “O assembly of disciples! I have thrown the world prostrate before you, so do not lift it up after me, for one of the evils of this world is that Allah was disobeyed in it, and one of the evils of this world is that the next world is not attained except by abandoning this one. So pass through this world without making it your home, and know that the root of all wrong is the love of this world. Many a vain desire leaves a legacy of lasting sorrow.”

“Blessed is he who abandons the present desire for the absent promise.”

“Woe to the companion of the world! How he dies and leaves it and how he relies on it and it deceives him, and how he trusts it and it forsakes him! Woe unto those who are deceived! How that which is repugnant encompasses them and that which is beloved separates from them! And that which is promised will come to them. And woe to those whose endeavors are only for the world and error. How he will be disgraced before Allah tomorrow!”

Jesus, Peace be upon him, is reported to have said: “How can one be of the people of knowledge if the next world is shown to him while he remains involved in this world, and what harms him is more desirable to him than what benefits him?” 

“Teach us a deed for which Allah will love us.” He said: “Detest the world and Allah will love you.”

‘Jesus the son of Mary, may the blessings of Allah be upon him, said: ‘You work for the sake of this world while it is not by work that you are provided for in it. And you do not work for the sake of the next world, while it is only by work that you will be provided for in it. Woe be unto you, evil learned ones (‘ulama)! You take your wage and neglect works. Soon the worker’s work will he accepted, and soon you will be driving forth from the narrowness of this world toward the darkness of the grave. How can one be knowledgeable who is on the way to the next world and yet his face is turned towards this world, and he likes the things that harm him more than the things that benefit him?’ 

Jesus (‘a) said: “The love of this world and the next cannot come together in the heart of a believer, like water and fire in a single vessel.”

Jesus (‘a) said: “This world and the next one are rivals. When you please one of them you displease the other.”

“The Messiah, Peace be upon him, said to his Apostles: ‘Verily, this world is merely a bridge, so cross over it, and do not make it your abode.’ ”

“Do not take the world as a master, for it will make you its slave. Keep your treasure with one who will not squander it. The owners of the treasures of this world fear for its ruin, but he who owns the treasure of Allah does not fear for its ruin.”

And it was said to him Jesus “Who trained you?” He said: “No one trained me. I saw the ugliness of ignorance and I avoided it.

“Jesus the son of Mary (‘a) stood up among the Children of Israel and said: ‘O Children of Israel! Do not speak with the ignorant of wisdom, for otherwise you do injustice with it, and do not keep it from its folk, for otherwise you do injustice to them, and do not help the unjust with his injustice, for otherwise your virtue becomes void. Affairs are three: the affair whose righteousness is clear to you, so follow it: the affair whose error is clear to you, so avoid it’. and the affair about which there are differences, so return it to Allah, the Almighty and Glorious.”

Jesus (‘a) said to a worshipper, “What do you do?” He answered, “I worship.” He (‘a) said, “Then who provides for you?” He said, “My brother.” He (‘a) said, “Your brother is more of a worshipper than you are!

“Jesus the son of Mary (‘a) passed by a group of people who were crying. He asked why they were crying. It was said to him that they were crying for their sins. He said, they should pray about them and they will be forgiven.”

Jesus (‘a) said: “O group of Apostles! How many lamps the wind has put out, and how many worshippers pride has corrupted.!”

Jesus (a) said: “Never stare at that which is not for you. If you restrain your eyes you will never commit adultery; and if you are able to avoid looking at the garments of women who are not permitted for you, then do so.”

It is reported that he Jesus (‘a) passed by a carcass with his disciples. Then the disciples said: “How putrid the smell of this dog is!” Then Jesus (‘a) said: “How intense is the whiteness of his teeth!”

“Jesus the son of Mary (‘a) sent two of his companions on an errand. Then one of them returned thin and afflicted and the other fat and chubby. He said to the one who was thin: what did this to you, that I see you this way?’ He said: ‘The fear of Allah.’ And he said to the other who was fat: ‘What did this to you, that I see you this way?’ He said: ‘A good opinion of Allah.’ “

Jesus, Peace be upon him, used to say: ‘Regarding the terror which you do not know when you will encounter (i.e. death), what prevents you from preparing for it before it comes upon you suddenly?’

And he (Jesus (‘a)) said: “How long will you be advised without taking any advice? Certainly you have become a burden to the advisors.” 

‘Verily, when Jesus the son of Mary ( ‘a) passed along the shore of a sea, he threw a piece of his bread into the water, Then some of the disciples said: ‘O Spirit of Allah and His Word! Why did you do this when that was your food.’ He said: “I did this in order that some animal among the animals of the sea may eat it, and the reward of Allah for this is great.’

Jesus the son of Mary (‘a) stood up among the Children of Israel to preach. He said. ‘O Children of Israel! Do not eat before you become hungry and when you become hungry eat but do not eat your fill, because when you eat your fill your necks become thick and your sides grow fat and you forget your Lord” 

“Jesus the son of Mary (a) said: ”Blessed is he whose silence is contemplation (fikr). whose glance is an admonition, whose house suffices him and who cries over his mistakes and from whose hand and tongue the people are safe.’