Lets say you zap a pair of goldfish into existence into an empty fish tank.

The pair, over time, multiply and increase in numbers. Then one day, for whatever reason, you choose one particular female goldfish and zap an egg into it… just because you had the power to do so….resulting in that chosen goldfish to have offspring, without any intervention from the male of its kind.

Keeping that in mind…
a) Would that mean you are now in a parental relationship with the goldfish that you chose?
b) Would the baby goldfish be your own “child” or would you rather see it as your creation?
c) Would you say that the baby goldfish is more special than the original pair that you zapped into being?
d) What would be your reaction if you learn that some of the other goldfish believe that the special baby goldfish is actually the creator of their ancestors (the original pair) who has come down to live with them in the form of a fish?

Thread participants, please answer these questions in that particular order.

My answers….
a) No. I would not be in a parental relationship with the goldfish that I chose. That would be absurd because I am the original creator of the fish in my tank. I could have just as well caused the female goldfish to meet a nice male specimen and make babies.

b) The baby goldfish would just be another creation of mine. Except I used one of my existing creations in the process.

c) I would say the original pair that I zapped into being out of nothing is, by far, more special than the baby goldfish.

d) I’d be annoyed.