(If I say something that is right, then God has inspired me. If I say something that is wrong, then it is my own mistake.) 

The city of Jerusalem, mentioned hundreds of times throughout the Bible, could well be considered as the center stage of most of the Bible. Strangely however, when it comes to the Book of Revelation, the city of Jerusalem is not mentioned by name even a single time! 

While the name “Jerusalem” appears thrice in the Book of Revelation, none of those are references to the earthly city of Jerusalem, that we know as the capital of modern Israel. Rather, they are all references to a heavenly city called the “new” Jerusalem. The earthly city of Jerusalem is unflatteringly alluded to via symbols and hints : 
– as the place where Jesus was crucified. 
– as symbolic “Egypt” and “Sodom” 
– as Babylon, the city that had the blood of holy men. (Refer to Matthew 23:37) 
– as the whore – representing a city – drunk with the blood of holy men. 

(Refer to my other thread detailing how the whore of Babylon is Biblically identified as Jerusalem.) 

By not mentioning the earthly city of Jerusalem by name, the author tip toes around the subject, while dropping plenty of hints for the unbiased reader to know exactly what city he was talking about. Thus, it can be inferred that the writer of Revelation either had a major axe to grind with Jerusalem OR he indeed had visions about Jerusalem the way it is portrayed in the Book of Revelation. Either way, it’s evident that in Revelation, the earthly city of Jerusalem is not aligned with the forces of good and is headed towards destruction. 

The very idea of a “new” Jerusalem raises to mind the question on as to what becomes of the “Old” Jerusalem. The obvious answer is that the old Jerusalem is being replaced by the heavenly city. By putting the pieces together, we can gather that the old Jerusalem, is the destroyed city of Revelation 18, which in the previous chapter, was symbolized as the whore. The Bible shows us that the blood of holy men are on the hands of three entities- Jerusalem, the whore that symbolized a city and the city of Babylon. These three entities are one and the same, but referred to under different names. 

Jerusalem’s crime of spilling the blood of holy men is something that needs to be emphasized as it holds the key to resolving a great portion of the mysteries found in the Book of Revelation. When Christians still choose to defend Jerusalem from the crimes of prophet killing – something that Jesus himself accused Jerusalem of – they do so to defend their own pro-Israel outlook on Jerusalem. It is because they have been led to believe that Israel is aligned to the forces of “good”, or that Israel will enjoy the special protection of Jesus when he returns. Unfortunately for Zionist Christians, they have a major surprise in store for them and it is better that we wait this one out and see the final outcome with our own eyes. 

God knows best!