What this blog is.
Humbleunderstanding is a private repository of my thoughts on various matters pertaining to religion.

What this blog isn’t.
This blog isn’t a public forum and will not be a platform for debates and discussion. If you disagree with something, just take it as an opinion and move on. Everybody is entitled to an opinion and I am no different.

What I post about.
My posts are mainly about Christian doctrine, eschatology and Islam.  I tend to stay focused on the spiritual aspect of the subject at hand.

What I don’t post about.
I avoid mingling politics with religion.

Who I am.
I consider myself a theist. I respect the Bible for its truths and the way I understand it. I respect the Koran for the truth it contains and the way I understand it.

Who I am not.
I am not part of any religious organization.

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