The “Kalki Purana” happens to be a prophetic book in the Hindu tradition. A few days ago, I happened upon some prophecy related websites that claimed there are certain similarities between the prophecies of the “Kalki Purana” and the Bible, specifically the Book of Revelation. I haven’t read the entire text of the “Kalki Purana” to double check and cross verify the claims, but here is a brief summary of what I have learned so far. Please note that I am not endorsing the “Kalki Purana” but I felt it would be worthwhile to examine the parallels between it and the Bible. I gently advice the reader to do their own research on this matter.

1. Biblical Christ / Kalki?
Hinduism has its version of an end times hero called “Kalki”. Like the saviour on a white horse described in the Book of Revelations (who Christians say is Jesus), Kalki is also described as riding a white horse.

I saw the heaven opened, and behold, a white horse, and he who sat on it is called Faithful and True. In righteousness he judges and makes war. – Revelation 19:11

Interestingly Kalki is often depicted as riding a white horse.

Additionally, both the bible and the hindu records state that the Christ/Kalki will return at a time when the world has entered a state of great mortal degeneracy.

2. Biblical Gog and Magog / “Kok and Bikok”?
Lord Kalki, along with his soldiers armed with various types of weapons engaged in war with Kok and Bikok . These two brothers are supreme demons, great fanatics and adept in the art of war. These brothers are intimately connected, powerful, hard to defeat and are even feared by the Gods. (Kalki Purana, III, Verses 43 & 44)

“Kok and Vikok” are most certainly cognates of “Gog and Magog”, described as a mighty army in the Bible.

3. Biblical Anti-Christ/beast / “Koli”?

The Bible speaks of an evil one, the anti-christ who gathers his allies to wage war agaisnt the rider on the horse

Then I saw the beast and the kings of the earth and their armies gathered together to wage war against the rider on the horse  and his army. – Revelation 19:19

Hindu prophecies also contain an anti-christ type character called “Koli” who gathers his allies to make war against Kalki.

Hearing that Kalki has come for battle, the angry Koli, along with his allies, sons and grandsons came riding on a chariot out of the city of Bishasan. On seeing Koli, Kalki ordered his followers to engage in battle with him. (Kalki Purana, III, Verses 32, 33, 35, 36)

4. Biblical Babylon / “Bishasan”?
The book of Revelation highlights a certain city called “Babylon” that is understood to be the “capital city” of the anti-Christ. That city (symbolized as a prostitute) is said to be destroyed by fire as we read in Revelation 18

Therefore shall her plagues come in one day, death, and mourning, and famine; and she shall be utterly burned with fire: for strong is the Lord God who judgeth her. – Revelation 18:8

…And cried when they saw the smoke of her burning, saying, What city is like unto this great city! – Revelation 18:18

In Hindu prophecy, the anti-christ also has a capital city called “Bishasan”, which is also destroyed by fire:

Soon they entered the city of Bishasan, the capital of Koli, and burnt down the city using fiery missile. Alongwith the city, Koli too was burnt and his sons and relatives were destroyed. (Kalki Purana, III, Verses 9 & 10)

Very interesting, to say the least.


In Revelation 13, the “second beast” – also described as the “false prophet” – puts in place a system to subjugate people using a mysterious “mark” or number – It also forced all people, great and small, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right hands or on their foreheads, so that they could not buy or sell unless they had the mark, which is the name of the beast or the number of its name. This calls for wisdom. Let the person who has insight calculate the number of the beast, for it is the number of a man.That number is 666.- Revelation 13:16-18

The number “666” is the most intriguing symbol in the book of Revelation. The importance of understanding the number and what it stands for is illustrated in verse 18 where the author of Revelation invites those with insight to try and “calculate” the mark of the beast. It is only with a correct understanding of the meaning of the number “666” that we can hope to accurately decipher the other verses pertaining to the anti-Christ. A failure to understand what the number “666” stands for would render our attempts to decipher Revelation futile. From the passage quoted in the beginning, the first thing one ought to gather about the “mark” or “666” is that its primary purpose has to do with economic control and subjugation – after all only those with the “mark” or “666” on their right hands and foreheads can buy or sell.

The popular interpretation of the “mark” on the forehead/right hand passage is that it is a reference to implantable chip technology. While it is undoubtedly an elegant theory that may very well be fulfilled in the near future, there is still a good chance that it stops short of fully explaining what the “mark” or “666” on the forehead/right hand really is. Old Testament Parallels We have good reason to believe the author of Revelation was simply using Old Testament motifs in describing the “mark” on the forehead/right hand. I say this because the imagery of the beasts mark on the forehead or the hand, as described in Revelation appears to be a twisted mirror image of verses in the Book of Deuteronomy, where God The Israelites are told regarding the Commandments of God –  Tie them as symbols on your hands and bind them on your foreheads. – Deuteronomy 6:8 You shall therefore impress these words of mine on your heart and on your soul; and you shall bind them as a sign on your hand, and they shall be as frontals on your forehead – Deuteronomy 11:18

I believe that the author of Revelation was attempting to portray the anti-Christ as someone who would mimic the way in which God instructed the Israelites to bind the Law on their forehead and hands. In other words, accepting the anti-Christs “mark” on the right hand or forehead amounts to accepting his “law” and thus, him as leader. It is only under this condition that people would be allowed to carry out trade; in other words the anti-Christ is depicted in Revelation as someone who – among other things – wields the power to subjugate economically.


Interestingly, even the number ‘666’ , has its origins in the Old Testament, specifically from the passages speaking of King Solomon’s rule and authority. Now the weight of gold which came in to Solomon in one year was 666 talents of gold, – 1 Kings 10:14 Christians have written tons of material attempting to explain the number 666 but only very rarely have do they ever make mention of 666  as it appears in 1 Kings 10:14. We see that 666  – even in the Old Testament – has clear connotations of economic control and subjugation. Solomon, as King of Israel, was receiving tributes of 666 talents of gold from those who were subjugated by him.

In other words, they had accepted and submitted to the domination of King Solomon. This leads me to believe that “worshiping” the beast  is not going to be of religious nature, rather it is simply a metaphor for choosing to accept the anti-Christ as supreme leader and living by his law. While many insist that Revelation is speaking of people literally worshiping the anti-Christ as a god, the actual word used for worship, proskuneo can also mean an act of homage given to people in authority. Revelation states that 666 is “the number of a man”.

The number 666 may well be considered as Solomon’s ‘number’, after all Solomon was associated with  666 – the number of gold talents he was receiving from those who had submitted to his rule. Thus, the phrase “number of a man” could have been intended as a reference to a man named Solomon, whose authority was symbolised by 666. I believe its well worth speculating that the writer of revelation was trying to tell us the anti-Christ is going to be named ‘Solomon’. Or that the anti-Christ is going to be an evil version of King Solomon – a mighty ruler from Jerusalem.

God knows best.

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The Muslim notion that the Bible is corrupted rests not on personal opinion, but rather on historical facts and evidence manifest within the Bible itself. My intention regarding this post is to simply point out that the main reasons as to why Muslims (and many others) believe the Bible is corrupted and isn’t reliable – at least as the inerrant Word of God.

1. Missing verses
Jesus refers to a previous scripture in John 7:38 when he says “Whoever believes in me, as Scripture has said, rivers of living water will flow from within them”. But the scripture Jesus was quoting from verbatim is nowhere to be found in the Old Testament. Jesus displays a pattern in which he always quoted verses verbatim fro the Old Testament.

Some examples are Luke 4:4 / Deuteronomy 8:3; Luke 4:8 / Deuteronomy 6:13; Luke 4:12 / Deuteronomy 6:16; John 10:34 / Psalm 82:6; Matthew 21:16 / Psalm 8:2. Unless Jesus concocted that statement as being “scriptural”, the only explanation is that passage is missing from the Old Testament.
1 Corinthians 2:9 is yet another example of someone quoting a passage verbatim, that is nowhere to be found in the Old Testament.

Can you honestly blame Muslims for thinking passages are missing from the Bible?

2. Verses added later
Mark 16:9-20, is a crucial has been acknowledged by Christians themselves as having been inserted later. (See Mark 16:9-20 @ Biblegateway). That particular passage has given rise to the dangerous practice of snake handling. The popular Christian website gotquestions  says in an article regarding snake handling: it is not wise to use anything from Mark 16:9-20 as the sole basis for a doctrine or practice. Snake handling is one such example of a dubious concept from Mark 16:9-20″

In Christendom, a similar controversy surrounds Matthew 28:19, which is used as prooftext for the trinity. The fact that these controversies exists imply that the authenticity of that verse is on shaky ground. If we are not to use shaky scriptures as the basis for doctrine/practice, then the ending of Matthew 28 cannot be used as prooftext for the trinity.

Can you honestly blame Muslims for thinking many verses were added later into the Bible?

3. Irreconcilable contradictions
Did Judas buy the field with the silver and then fall to his death in it
– OR –
Did he throw the silver and hang himself before somebody else bought the field in which he was buried?

Even a child can understand they are 2 different sequences of events. So why can’t adults, especially those interested in theology? Both can’t be simultaneously true; it would be insulting to anybody’s intelligence to claim they are both the same event. Judas’ death is but one example; there are many more which I will not get into here.

Can you honestly blame Muslims for thinking the Bible contains irreconcilably contradictory messages?

4. Usage of Greek, a non-Semitic language
The Biblical books pertaining to Jesus’ life and teachings were not written in the original language of Jesus and his followers – Aramaic and Hebrew. Yet, the earliest manuscripts of the Gospels (and other books) are in Greek, implying they were written not by the original Hebrew apostles, but rather by Greek converts for Greek converts, or for the purpose of converting Greeks. It is illogical to conclude that Jesus’ disciples and followers, spoke in one language and wrote in another.

Can you honestly blame Muslims for thinking the original message of Jesus in the Bible was distorted or lost in translation to Greek?

5. Second or third hand accounts

Luke admits his account was “handed down to us by those who from the first were eyewitnesses…” (Luke 1).

Another thing to consider is that none of the disciples were present during many key events recorded in the gospels – Jesus’ prayer at Gethsemane, the trial before the Sanhedrin, the conversation with Pilate and to an extent, the crucifixion. The details of these events could have only made it to the final text via second and third hand accounts.

Can you honestly blame Muslims for thinking the Bible contains second/third hand accounts?

6. Apocryphal books

Since the Bible was compiled over a long period of around 2,000 years, many books have been written about with regard to the Israelite religion or the teachings of Jesus. Yet, not everything made it to the final canon; today we call them “Apocrypha”. Whether or not they made it into the final canon rested on the whims of a few who had the authority to decide on this matter. So when you claim the modern Bible is the inspired Word of God, you are basically endorsing the decisions of those who approved the final canon. How many of the non-Canonical apocryphal books are genuine yet were denied a place in the final canon? How many of them are still waiting to be discovered?

Can you honestly blame Muslims for thinking that the Bible may not contain the entire truth? And that the truth may lie in the books outside of Biblical canon?

7. Roman handling of scripture

This is by far the most important reason – at least for me – to reject the Bible as a reliable scripture. It is a historically established fact that the Romans took complete control of a religion whose scripture originated in the Middle East. The Romans pretty much owned Christianity for centuries:

– They usurped Christianity as a state religion
– They completely violated even the basic commands not to make images for worship
– They held the council of Nicea to determine crucial aspects of doctrine by vote
– They declared Latin as the official language of (what was originally) a Semitic religion
– They brutally crushed all rebellion against the RCC
– They kept the Bible out of public hands

In light of the above, it is simply delusional to expect that the Romans, who for centuries enforced control over Christianity, miraculously stopped short of altering it by adding to or mutilating it. The implication of Roman involvement in Christianity is that the Israelite religion fell into the hands of a pagan people who had a history of brutally persecuting Christians. The Romans took control over an Israelite religion and then completely defiled it in whatever way they willed.

Can you honestly blame Muslims for thinking that the Bible was further corrupted by the hands of the Romans? And that the Bible (and Christianity) we have today is a legacy of the RCC?

I am not saying the Bible does not contain truth in it. However, given the points raised in this thread, my only contention is that the Bible contains truth albeit mixed with falsehoods that resulted from translation errors, textual distortions, additions, erroneous accounts etc. In light of all the points raised in this thread, any person – regardless of his religious background – reaches the conclusion that the Bible is unreliable.

So can you honestly blame Muslims for holding that the Bible is an essentially unreliable scripture?

In this thread, I would like to discuss Zephaniah 3:9,  a rather obscure verse that prophesies the coming of Islam. Below is the verse as it appears in three different translations:

For then will I turn to the people a pure language, that they may all call upon the name of the LORD, to serve him with one consent (King James Version)

“For then I will give to the peoples purified lips, That all of them may call on the name of the LORD, To serve Him shoulder to shoulder (New American Standard Version)

“Then I will purify the lips of the peoples, that all of them may call on the name of the Lord and serve him shoulder to shoulder (New International Version)

Pay attention to the keywords underlined in the above verse. Upon understanding the meanings of those words in Hebrew we see that the passage is foretelling a time when people, standing shoulder to shoulder (in unity), would call upon God in a “pure language”. In order to analyze the keywords in that verse, I will – God willing – present the word, its Hebrew equivalent, a link to a Bible lexicon, examples of the word used in other places and a short comment. To verify the actual meanings of the word in question, please look up the passages where the word is used in other contexts.

1. “People”
The Hebrew word used is “am” (Strongs word number: 5971)
Meaning: people, nation, persons, members of one’s people, compatriots, country-men, kinsman, kindred
(Other uses: Genesis 11:6, Genesis 17:6)
Comment: Though addressed to the Israelites, the Hebrew word for “people” also refers to people in general, as opposed to any one particular ethnicity.

2. “Pure”
The Hebrew word used is “Barar” (Strongs word number: 1305)
Meaning: to purify, select, polish, choose, purge, cleanse or make bright, test or prove
(Other uses : Daniel 11:35; Daniel 12:10)

3. “Language”
The Hebrew word used is “Saphah” (Strongs word number: 8193)
Meanings: lip, language, speech, shore, bank, brink, brim, side, edge, border, binding
(Other uses : Genesis 11:6-7, Genesis 11:9)
Comment: The word  can also mean physical “lips”. But in the context of the verse, the word refers to a pure language. This points towards the use of a common liturgical language that is used by all worshipers.

4. “Call upon”
The Hebrew word used is “Qara” (Strongs word number : 7121)
Meanings: to call, call out, recite, read, cry out, proclaim
(Other uses: Exodus 1:18, Genesis 12:8)
Comment: In a new language, will people call upon God. The above meanings apply to Muslims who literally call out to God during the call to prayer; and who recite praises to God in prayer and even in everyday speech.

5. “One consent” / “Shoulder to shoulder”
The Hebrew word used is “shekem” (Strongs word number: 7926)
Meanings: shoulder, back shoulder, shoulder-blade, back
(Other uses: Genesis 21:14, Genesis 24:45)
Comment: This suggests unity in worship. This unity can only be achieved if adherents of the religion pray in the same way, use the same language and pray at the same time. This unity in worship is flawlessly reflected in Islam, where Muslims literally stand shoulder to shoulder in prayer.

In light of the above, Zephaniah 3:9 is speaking of an “update” to the monotheistic religion of the worship of the God  of Abraham. It points towards a time when the worship of God would take place in a new language, with worshipers displaying a sense of unity. Since the Hebrew speaking Israelites are being told of a “pure language”, as opposed to, say, “your language” or “the Hebrew language”, it must refer to a language other than the Hebrew language of the Israelites. Besides Hebrew, the Arabic language is the ONLY other language that is liturgically used throughout the world in the worship of the God of Abraham. And what religion utilizes Arabic? Only Islam.

The unity in worship spoken of in Zephaniah 3:9 cannot be fulfilled in Christianity, a religion whose adherents around the world pray to God in their own language, in different ways and during different times. However, the unity of worship spoken of in Zephaniah 3:9 is most certainly fulfilled in Islam. Even though Arabs comprise only 20% of the worlds Muslim population, practising Muslims the world over, regardless of their own language and ethnicity, pray in Arabic even if they themselves can’t speak Arabic in conversation.

This is undoubtedly a prophecy, like many others, that has been fulfilled in the coming of Islam.

Here I have listed a number of youtube videos in which Rabbis and practising Jews from different parts of the world speak on Islam and Allah.

Since Christians have an affinity towards Jews, who also have the Old Testament (TaNaKh), I thought it would be better to let the Jews explain to their Christian friends the truth that Allah is the God of the Torah. But of course, the truth about Islam and Allah remains regardless of what a Jew or anybody else thinks.

Now, not all Jews feel the same way. Indeed, there exists a diversity of views on this subject among Jews; but it still remains that many practicing Jews recognize that the concept of God in Islam and Judaism are identical.

(Disclaimer  :  Please note that I may not agree with the views of these Rabbis on various other matters.)


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“The Hour will not be established-till the people of the desert (the camel shepherds) compete with one another in constructing high buildings.” 

1. Skeptics deem prophecies about increase in wars, disasters and immorality as being too ”vague” to be taken seriously, and therefore not enough to identify someone as a true prophet foretelling the future. 

However, there are other prophecies that accurately describe events and life in our modern world. One such prophecy that stands out is the one made by Mohammad foretelling that the desert dwelling Arabs – once simple sheep and camel herders living in tents – would be competing in the construction of tall buildings. Today we have what we call ”skyscrapers”, located not just in developed Western cities in North America, but even in Arab lands, places that are once mostly dry and barren with people living in simple houses and tents. 

2A. The morality of these lavish displays of wealth are besides the point and out of the scope of this thread. Observant Muslims understand that lavish displays of wealth and extravagance are against Islamic principles. Mohammad knew that 1400 years from his time, desert dwelling Arabs – who according to Islam were to shun extravagance – would be competing in the construction of tall buildings! In fact, it is only within the last 3 decades or so, that skyscrapers and highrise buildings filled the skylines of major Arab cities. The key word here is ”compete”, which in the given context suggests constructions for the sake of status and prestige, as opposed to addressing practical needs. To my surprise, I recently learned that there IS such a thing called a ”skyscraper competition”! 

One would have to be either blind or willfully ignorant (and I will absolutely NOT waste my time in dealing with either type)…. to deny that Mohammads prophecy about competitions to build tall buildings has been fulfilled 100%. The people of the desert have competed to build tall buildings. Given the prophecy, it is absolutely no co-incidence that the worlds tallest skyscraper, the worlds tallest lighthouse and the worlds tallest clocktower are all in Arab lands. 

2B. Whats really interesting is that Saudi Arabia has announced plans to gigantic 1 kilometer tall tower, that would be  The Kingdom Tower 

Kingdom Tower (Arabic: برج المملكة‎‎ Burj al Mamlakah), previously known as Mile-High Tower, (Arabic: برج الميل‎‎), is a skyscraper currently under construction in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia……. that will be located along the Red Sea on the north side of Jeddah. If completed as planned, the tower will reach unprecedented heights, becoming the tallest building in the world, as well as the first structure to reach the one-kilometre-high mark.

The recent announcement of the tower has provoked widespread and highly divided reaction throughout the media. Those who support the project see it as an investment that, although visionary, will have positive social and economic effects on the area as well as the country in the long term, while others see it as nothing more than the result of self-centered and attention seeking competition between oil-rich gulf nations that will serve no purpose other than as a white elephant, costing more and generating less than expected, if it even gets built.

3. The Arab skyscraper prophecy is important because its fulfillment (among certain other prophecies not covered in this thread)… signals the beginning of the end times. The implications of this is that the timing of the beginning of the end times is no longer a matter of speculation and conjecture. Rather, it has been confirmed that we have been living in the end times for quite some time now. 

And God knows best!

The Bible states in more than one place that God is unseen by man. In John 1, it is declared that No man hath seen God at any time. Paul states the same thing in 1 Timothy. In Exodus 33, God Himself declares that “no man can see Me and live”. This in itself establishes that God cannot be seen by man. Yet throughout the Bible, there are several instances where “God” was not only seen by humans (who survived the experience), but also ate, was spoken to face-to-face, forced to give blessings and fails to overpower a man in a wrestling match! 

Example 1) Hagar is blessed by an angel who is addressed as “God” (Genesis 16:7-14) 
The angel of the Lord found Hagar near a spring in the desert; it was the spring that is beside the road to Shur. And he said, “Hagar, slave of Sarai, where have you come from, and where are you going?” …. She gave this name to the Lord who spoke to her: “You are the God who sees me,” for she said, “I have now seen the One who sees me.” 

– Though the text explicitly says Hagar met an “angel”, Hagar proclaims she “saw” God. 

Example 2) Jacob extorts a blessing from a “man” and then proclaims he has “seen” God. (Genesis 32:24-30) 
So Jacob was left alone, and a man wrestled with him till daybreak. When the man saw that he could not overpower him….But Jacob replied, “I will not let you go unless you bless me.”….Then the man said, “Your name will no longer be Jacob, but Israel, because you have struggled with God and with humans and have overcome.” …..So Jacob called the place Peniel, saying, “It is because I saw God face to face, and yet my life was spared.” 

– Obviously, the man was an angel in human form. Like Hagar, Jacob also proclaims he “saw” God, despite the text saying otherwise. 

Example 3) An angel tells Jacob in a dream “I am God”. (Genesis 31:11-13) 
The angel of God said to me in the dream, ‘Jacob.’ I answered, ‘Here I am.’ And he said, ‘Look up and see that all the male goats mating with the flock are streaked, speckled or spotted, for I have seen all that Laban has been doing to you. I am the God of Bethel, where you anointed a pillar and where you made a vow to me. Now leave this land at once and go back to your native land.’” 

– Here an angel appears in Jacobs dream and tells him he is “God”. 

Example 4) Moses encounters an angel as a burning bush, who says “I am God” (Exodus 3:2-4) 
There the angel of the Lord appeared to him in flames of fire from within a bush. Moses saw that though the bush was on fire it did not burn up. So Moses thought, “I will go over and see this strange sight—why the bush does not burn up.” When the Lord saw that he had gone over to look, God called to him from within the bush, “Moses! Moses!” 

– An “angel” appears as fire, which then starts speaking as “God”. 

From the above, it appears there are two contradictory propositions within the Bible. One being man has not seen God and the other that man has seen God. Logically, they both simply cannot be true at the same time. Either man has seen God or he hasn’t. 

To complicate matters further, in the 4 examples I’ve presented, the “angel” of the Lord is constantly referred to and identified as “God”. So if the “angel of the Lord” is not God and if the proposition that man has not seen God is true, then it can be concluded safely that the angels were just representing the presence of God in a form visible to humans. The angels were a visible form that spoke for God, who as He declared cannot be seen. This explanation can be applied to other instances where men supposedly “saw” God, one example being Abraham’s encounter with the three “men” while hearing God’s words. 

In other words Hagar, Jacob, Moses, Abraham etc all saw visible angels – as men, fires – while hearing the words of God, who spoke through them. God has never seen by man. 

God knows best.