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Sequence of narration…

– Jinns were created before Adam
– They lived on earth as communities
– They were extremely wicked and corrupted in their ways
– They were driven out of the land by an army of angels
– Satan(Iblis) was among the Jinn but he worshiped God
– He was given the rank of an angel
– God created a new kind of being from clay (Adam)
– The angels asked if the new being would also spread corruption on earth, like the Jinn.
– Satan grows jealous of the new being
– His jealousy turns to pride and looks down upon the new being
– God commands the angels to prostrate before the new being, they comply
– Satan (who had the rank of an angel) refuses to
– Satan being made of fire says he is better than Adam who was made of clay
– Satan ends up being cursed by God
– Satan asks God for respite till the day of judgement
– Satan then swears to lead humans astray
– Satan is told that he would have no power over the true servants of God

IMO, this gives a background to the Biblical story of Satan misleading Adam / Eve into eating the fruit. Satan’s plan was to mislead mankind, so it explains why Satan decided to deceive somebody just minding their own business, not posing a threat to him… or even being aware of him.